We do not want

young talents suffer the same

In 2015, Anthony, Colin and Jim launched a social media fanpage to blog their own job-hunting journey. Unexpectedly, it became THE career planning and gradjob information hub in just a year.

With the rising popularity among university students, they quit their stable jobs as graduated Management Trainees one-by-one, and co-founded OnGrad around Fall 2017 for a greater mission.

Our team offers creative recruitment solutions to different corporates ranging from local giants to prestigious MNCs. We believe the traditional recruitment methodology is insufficient to acquire talents from the new generation. We also offer free graduates career coaching services to unleash their potentials and pursue their dream career.

People, especially young talent, is the key driver for growth. Why still use the traditional ways to build your team?

OnGrad becomes an HR X Education technology startup working innovative solutions, including the OnMyGrad (OMG) App. It is the first ever A.I. Career Learning Platform in Hong Kong. OMG recommends customized career learning courses, materials and any portfolio enhancement opportunities, creating a Career Knowledge Community for university students.

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