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Join the largest career building knowledge community in Hong Kong!

We are career-minded students want to learn how to land our dream jobs

We are young professionals sharing the latest industry news and knowledge

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Rewriting your Resume with fancy words, supporting figures and nicer formatting?

Stop and think...

Make YOURSELF better first!

There's syllabus in public exams and school courses. There's advice in how to build up your career in professional fields. However, there's no one showing you how to make progress in searching your first job.

We believe career can be learnt. Find your real career interest by gaining knowledge and experience.

We powered it with A.I.

Seeking expensive advice from a career consultant with 30 years experience in the field?

Let data speak loud!

We are building prediction model with machine learning. A big thank to you all, we have been gathering real personal portfolios with features covering background facts, psychological traits and experience.

Thus, OnMyGrad recommendation system is (probably) able to guide you step-by-step to land your dream career, based on what you true need.